The Material


Polyurethane is a material with outstanding technical properties. It outperforms rubber and plastic exhibiting high resistance to environmental factors, such as heat, abrasion, oil and aging. It is your perfect choice, since it increases the profitability reducing the downtime cost.

Our clients have the choice to set us the required properties and we will find the appropriate material for their application.

PU Scrapers

Scrapers or belt cleaners are used to clean the residue of the conveyor belts. We offer a wide range of belt cleaners starting from the simple ones, made from plain polyurethane, to the high wear resistant ones, appropriate for extreme conditions.

We embed beads into the polyurethane material offering high wear resistance scrapers that endure the most difficult cleaning conditions increasing their life span!

PU Helicoid Wheels/Support Wheels

We manufacture premium quality wheels appropriate for rolling, cleaning and straightening of the mining conveyor belt.

The above are just a sample of our manufacturing capacity!

We can manufacture any scraper or wheel according to our clients' dimensions and properties! Contact us for more info.

"PU increases handling productivity, cuts costs by minimizing downtime and creates real benefit for the industry..."

Technical Properties of PU Wheels


Polyurethane elastomer used for first time without air bubbles & tearings.

Specific Gravity

Specific gravity according to EN ISO 2781


Tensile strength according to EN ISO 527-1, 527-2


At break and 100% & 300% Modulus according to EN ISO 527-1, 527-2


Abrasion resistance according to EN ISO 4649


Hardness according to DIN 53505

Company Profile

Quality Control Lab

We manufacture premium polyurethane parts, starting the quality control from the production process. The parts are checked visually during the production and then our technicians run tests in our fully equiped laboratory.

Some of the tests are specific gravity, hardness test, tensile test, abrasion resistance, rebound resilience and compression test. We make sure that every product meets our clients' requirements.


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